City 75

I can’t even recall a single minute of a single day of my life where I haven’t craved a giant Froot Loop marshmallow square or block of hazelnut cream infused chocolate. And if that were even an ounce true, I would have to look no further than City 75 to fulfill my horrendous needs. What purports to be your typical sandwich, salad place seems more like a weird conglomeration of sweets and random plastic containers of dried banana chips and star-shaped puffs. I have yet to track down an actual lunch item worth ingesting at this joint–and you know I’ve searched high and low considering it’s actually in my building. Out of sheer desperation I traded my soul for a panini of sorts and ended up holding my nose and praying. Needless to say, I haven’t been back since. Those malted milk balls do look good, but hardly fulfill that part of me that screams lunch. [MF]

75 Rockefeller Plz.