Live Through This

Hole: Live Through This

Live Through ThisFilled with lyrics about body parts and rage, the similarities to Cobain’s writing style is more than suspicious. Even more suspicious is the departure of all but one of the members of Hole before the recording of this album. I guess they would realize that Love never could have written these great tunes by herself. The less people in on the secret, the less people there would be to squeal, eh? Regardless of the authenticity of Love’s authorship of these tunes, they are great. She adds her growl to each track, and essentially does her best mimicry of her husband. The release of this album also happened to be four days after Cobain’s suicide. What a fortunate marketing decision! While working at Sunset Gower Studios on a TV show in 1995, I talked to a very stoned Love, who had staggered onto the lot looking for her recording studio, and ever since then I’ve doubted that anybody that f’d up couldn’t have produced something this stellar. At least she bothered to write a song about one of my old bosses at Interscope (“Jennifer’s Body”) who apparently pissed her off back in her days at Sub Pop.