Edan: Beauty and the Beat

Beauty and the Beat

Beauty and the BeatTrippy, layered and hypnotic, somehow Edan has found ways to continue to sample crap from all over the place. While his contemporaries are pounding out looped two-key Casio drek, he has done the throwback, scratchy record thing, bringing back echoes of Paul’s Boutique and other fun crackly hip-hop of a bygone era. Granted, his white-boy bravado isn’t the subtlest thing in the world, and he ends up sounding like a lot of other white hip-hop guys delivery-wise and content-wise. We get it that you listened to a lot of Afrika Bambaataa and Biz Markie and whatnot; you don’t have to prove to us that you grew up listening to black music. Of course his street cred probably isn’t terribly high, being a graduate of Berklee College of Music. Clearly the guy knows a lot about music and music’s history, which is what makes this album incredibly musically interesting, and hopefully a great jumping off point to a long career–although maybe a career that would be better served letting others with more interesting voices take the front seat.