Phish: A Picture of Nectar

A Picture of NectarI was caught in a strange time in my life when I bought this album. It was college, from what I recall, and we were all stuck in the Spin Doctors, Blues Traveler vortex. I don’t think grunge had landed on the East Coast yet, so we all struggled to find our way in what was a bit of a musical void. Why was hippie shit the default? Dunno, other than college students love hippie shit. It just happens. Turns out I hate hippie jam band garbage. I hated The Dead when I saw them in high school, and hated when people played them on their car tape decks and claimed them or their bearded leader god-like entities. Like a visceral negative reaction. Not quite so with this band, but there is some serious long-haired fuckery going on with this thing that apparently live is just guitar stroking and dancing with tambourines and shit. I think this thing made like one official spin in my CD player and has been on the shelf for the last 20 years since it came out. Die hippie scum.