White Rabbits: Fort Nightly

Fort Nightly

Fort NightlyImagine some sort of weird Walkmen and Madness mash-up and you have The White Rabbits. Throw in some spooky Specials or Clinic reverb and maybe the pop sensibilities of a Hot Hot Heat, and you’ve drilled down even a bit more. Granted, their sound is more fleshed out than any of those, as six dudes in a band these days is like twice as many as is popular (unless you’re one of those wacky “music collectives”). The songs are slinky and bottom-heavy, with just a hint of middle-eastern smokiness and Caribbean bounce, and with many of the melodies provided by the voices and lots of piano flourishes. It’s really hard to pinpoint what is so attractive about this music, other than to say it just flows naturally. The stuff feels kind of organic and slippery and something that will grow into classic territory on their next LP.