Indie Rock

Rooted in the sound and sensibility of American underground and alternative rock of the ’80s, it’s rock made by and for outsiders with a wariness of excess testosterone.

Social Life

Koufax: Social Life

This, their second album, does away with the gimmicky garbage and brings a slimmer, more guitar-driven sound. They aren't The Strokes or anything, but there are...
Italian Platinum

Silkworm: Italian Platinum

It's as if nobody makes fuckin' rock 'n roll anymore. Okay, this isn't a completely accurate statement, but everything seems to fit into some niche. You got you...
High Society

Enon: High Society

If they weren't so damn likable, I would hate this band. I was excited to hear their first album, Believo!, but was left sorely disappointed after listening to ...
Girls Can Tell

Spoon: Girls Can Tell

Man those Austin boys can rock. Spoon were once the poster boys of post-punk rock, making straight rock n' roll that had both indie cred, great hooks and a lead...