Blazing Arrow

Blackalicious: Blazing Arrow

Blazing ArrowIf rap was all about production, then these guys would be the pinnacle. Everything on this album sounds good. None of that ghetto, bleeping and blooping shit. No samples off the VCR, taped from the radio or done on some 1984 Cash Money Crew Casio keyboard. The stuff just sounds smooth. Luckily for these fellas, not only is their production bangin’; their rhyme skills are tight as well. Did that sound Source enough for ya? Honestly, I think this is what hip-hop was meant to be. None of this crap about “In Da Club” and “I Ride Spinners” and crap. It’s about time somebody brought some musicality to the game. Afterall, aren’t people getting sick of the Pac-Man samples, Billy Squire beats and rehashed Sting songs?