Beck: Sea Change

Sea Change

Sea ChangeOur buddies over at define “sea change” as “A marked transformation.” I guess that’s appropriate in some respects, but to say that Beck has really changed his tune is a pretty temporary label. The guy flip-flops more than a greasy politician. Most recently he changed styles between the Prince-like Midnite Vultures and this album, and before that he went from the awesome mash-up of Odelay to the cooled-out tropical and Americana sounds of Mutations. There is a definite pattern at work here–and not one that will keep his fans happy (or awake as the case may be). I know Sea Change was supposed to be this triumphant album, but the only thing it triumphed over with me was my insomnia. The thing is dull–there’s no two ways around it. Of course the follow-up to this album will most likely return to the goofy Beck we all know and love. Maybe the one after that will be called ..And Now For Something Completely Different.