McDonald’s (Union Square)

McDonald's Union Square

McDonald's Union SquareLook, I’m not really going to waste your time here. If you haven’t been to a McDonald’s, then you’re either a tree hugging, dirty hippy who should be dragged behind a gas-chugging Earthfucker, or a horrible snob who should march your ass over to before I put a major Mchurtin’ on you. This location seems particularly out of place smack in the middle of Union Square, but considering all the poor, stoned NYU students in the neighborhood, they pretty much have a built in clientele. The food didn’t taste any different than at the other five or six McDonald’s on The Survey, but it did have some of the brightest florescent lighting we’ve seen yet. And who doesn’t love reconstituted meat under electrified mercury? [MF]

39 Union Sq W