Evening Tapestry

Brown Recluse: Evening Tapestry

Evening TapestryWhat we need is more tambourine! More hand tambourine. More drum kit tambourine. Just more clangy metal sound! But not in like a totally hippy way, but more like a vaguely trippy 60s multi-colored Austin Powers kind of way. Retro to a fault, I think these guys are going for that Zombies sort of sound, but just end up sounding like a hung over band full of drug addled slackers. I appreciate the sound they’re able to produce, and its spot-on throwback environment, but if I wanted Belle & Sebastian in space, I’d just run one of their albums on 33 through a megaphone and call it quits. I can’t say I feel compelled to listen to this one again any time soon, not because it sucks, but because there have been a whole gang of bands in the last 15 years that have approximated this sound, but not done so at the expense of writing a good song.