Weezer: Maladroit


MaladroitThey have really poured on the pop for this one. “Dope Nose” is a great, great pop song in all its power chord glory. It’s never really clear when Weezer is being serious with their music, though. I mean there’s a fine line between parody and authenticity, especially when it comes to really smart Harvard grads. Is Cuomo serious with this churning brand of head-bobbing 70s/80s arena rock, or is he just pulling a huge prank on all of us? I think he’s actually being earnest in his love of all that is huge about music, and this is certainly the biggest of his career. There is so much guitar in this album it’s almost insane. To think that a little skinny dude in jeans and glasses is banging out this craziness is pretty funny. I’ve honestly forgotten how solid this album is, and the enormity and aggression of the music, all heavy metal symbols and chugging guitars and solos (solos!). It really is stunning, just stunning.