Elliott: False Cathedrals

False Cathedrals

False CathedralsWow, what a difference one album makes. Piano and heavy bass dominate the opening tandem track “Voices/Calm Americans,” and we’re aware immediately that these are guys trying to grow out of the “emo” thing that was pinned on them on their first album. Sure, it’s still emotional, but not in a guitar-driven rock sort of way. The guitar is more of an accompaniment of the rhythm section, coming in waves rather than stabbing spurts. It’s dreamy all of a sudden, especially the third track, “Blessed By Your Ghost,” which sounds like something off of the Cure’s Disintegration album. The next track, “Drive On Me,” is definitely one of the highlights, as the album takes on an eerie, floating quality. Once again, Higdon’s voice is the glue that holds everything together–the gossamer veneer over the terrific symbiotic base of drum kit and bass (whew!). I’m not really sure what a band like Radiohead has over these guys from Louisville, except for a lack of Anglophlian hype.