Ariana Afghan Kebab House


ArianaKebabs kebabs everywhere and not a drop to drink. Yeah, the guy serving us was slow with the Cokes. In fact, nobody working at this joint seemed to give two shits about the customers. They stood around as if we were supposed to whistle and flail about to get their attention. When our food was finally shuffled over to us, it was actually rather tasty and plentiful. It was also inexpensive and felt very authentic–as if we were eating in an actual Afghani cave. The take-out lunch special is a lot less food (two kebabs as apposed to four, I believe) and didn’t seem as fresh after the five minute walk back to the office. Overall, Ariana is a decent deal, and the lunch special is very cheap and not bad. For a few more bucks, try the in-restaurant meal, but don’t expect service with a smile or flourish. [MF]

787 9th Avenue (bet 52nd & 53rd St.)