Peter Bjorn & John: Gimme Some

Gimme SomeThere’s no denying that Writer’s Block was a cool sounding album. There are some seriously excellent songs on there, and the production is gnarly. Apparently the next album, not so much. And here comes their return to form. Right off the bat on “Tomorrow Has to Wait” you can tell we’re in for another fun-ass ride. The sound quality of their music is just so fucking cool. It’s like this excellent throw back sound that is at the same time completely modern. It’s like fuzzy and clean at the same time, and bombastic and restrained. It somehow occupies a couple spaces at once. Listening to it, you wouldn’t know what year it was from. I imagine pretty much any track from this album would pique a person’s interest if he/she heard it playing at a bar or party. It’s just interesting sounding music. So dynamic, so unique.