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The Last Panthers
The Alienist
Big Little Lies
Barry Season 2
Dark: Season 2

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Welcome to Happiness
Red Sparrow
Bad Times at the El Royale
Don't Break Down
A Simple Favor
Juliet, Naked

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NYC Booze & Grub Survey

Reviews of New York City's Most Popular (and Least Popular) Bars and Restaurants

Quality Meats

Quality Meats

Quality Meats is a confusing joint right off the bat. It feels subterranean, but it's not really subterranean. Or is it? It's a steakhouse t...
Las' Lap

Las’ Lap

Sometimes you just gotta go weird. If weird means planning a dinner for three at a restaurant that seats a grand total of eight at the two a...
Houston Hall

Houston Hall

I have no idea if this place was once a garage or a stable or what, but it clearly wasn't always the German-like beer hall that it has becom...

NJ Booze & Grub Survey

Reviews of New Jersey's Most Popular (and Least Popular) Bars and Restaurants



Greece is the time, is the place, is the motion. Now, Greek is the way we are feeling. For dinner! Actually Zeugma is technically Mediterran...
Fresco Da Franco

Fresco Da Franco

Church Street in Montclair is a lovely street. About as lovely as they come. But you always take your chances sitting outside. Especially in...


I can't say that I had a ton of experience with Peruvian anything before eating at Costanera. I think those dudes with the pan flutes at the...

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