Album Reviews

Check out the albums that have left Mr. H with permanent hearing loss in his left ear, but a song in his heart.

Television Reviews

They say TV will rot your brain. Mr. Hipster does his best to prove them right.
Legion - Season 1

Legion: Season 1

Legion is apparently more Marvel superhero shit. And, as the two of you who have read my site know, I generally don’t like superhero…

The Good Place

The Good Place: Season 1

It seems like it’s been a million years since I’ve watched a major-network sitcom. Ok, there is one other on my DVR schedule, but…

Booze & Grub Survey

Reviews of New York City’s most popular (and least popular) bars and restaurants.

Movie Reviews

Enjoy the rantings as Mr. Hipster proves he slept through his film criticism courses in college.
Win It All

Win It All


It’s funny. Win It All is an utterly predictable film. Which, in the land of the indie film, makes it an anomaly. Add to…

Book Reviews

This much ignorance about literature can only lead to hurt feelings and a whole lot of nonsense.
Tapping the Source

Tapping the Source

So I’d read that Tapping the Source was, in fact, the source material for the movie, Point Break. I mean, sure, there’s surfing and…

A Doubter's Almanac

A Doubter’s Almanac

This feels like a book that in 2001 would have been as popular as The Corrections. But given what feels like both an oversaturation…

Hipster Diary

I have a lot on my mind. Sometimes it causes insomnia. Maybe this will help.

But Wait, There's More

Steve Jobs 3

Steve Jobs

Am I a bad person for kind of liking this movie? Me, the person who constantly rails against biopics in all their forms? Even…

Snowden 3.5


I have to admit that I knew fuck-all about Edward Snowden before heading into this movie. I mean, I’d seen the dude on the…

The Night Of

The Night Of

The thing that sets The Night Of apart is pacing. It starts with a night of drugs and sex and murder, which really throws the…

Draught 55

Draught 55

I’ll give you two guesses what street this joint sits on. Ok, I’ll give you no guesses (and I’ll even put the address down…