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Check out the albums that have left Mr. H with permanent hearing loss in his left ear, but a song in his heart.

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The Alienist
Big Little Lies
Barry Season 2
Dark: Season 2
Stranger Things: Season 3
Killing Eve Season 2

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Enjoy the rantings as Mr. Hipster proves he slept through his film criticism courses in college.

Bad Times at the El Royale
Don't Break Down
A Simple Favor
Juliet, Naked
Under the Silver Lake
Spider-Man: Far From Home

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This much ignorance about literature can only lead to hurt feelings and a whole lot of nonsense.

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NYC Booze & Grub Survey

Reviews of New York City's Most Popular (and Least Popular) Bars and Restaurants

Houston Hall

Houston Hall

I have no idea if this place was once a garage or a stable or what, but it clearly wasn't always the German-like beer hall that it has becom...

NJ Booze & Grub Survey

Reviews of New Jersey's Most Popular (and Least Popular) Bars and Restaurants



Leone’s has been on Gordon Ramsay’s show, Kitchen Nightmares not once, but twice. If you haven’t seen that program, it entailed shouty chef ...
DLV Lounge

DLV Lounge

One of the great mysteries in life is what the DLV in the DLV Lounge stands for. Also mysterious is why they call it a lounge. Because it is...


The hope is that Bloomfield Ave. in Montclair will eventually be filled with restaurants opened by former Manhattan chefs. With lower rents ...

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