Album Reviews


The Hotelier: Goodness


Let’s talk about spoken-word shit. Actually, let’s not talk about spoken-word shit. Even if The Hotelier somehow thinks this most high school of emotive…

Television Reviews

Black Mirror Season 3

Black Mirror: Season 3

Black Mirror is great for several reasons. For one, it’s an anthology series in a time of heavily serialized television. I mean, it’s a…


Atlanta: Season 1

I’ve been to Atlanta (not including the airport) a grand total of once. There wasn’t much to it. They told me the traffic was…

Booze & Grub Survey

Momofuku Ssam Bar

Momofuku Ssäm Bar


I’m still not sure I know what a ssäm is, but I assume it’s some Asian (possibly Korean) wrap type thing that involves meat,…

Movie Reviews

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs


Rating:  Am I a bad person for kind of liking this movie? Me, the person who constantly rails against biopics in all their forms?…

Book Reviews

A Doubter's Almanac

A Doubter’s Almanac

This feels like a book that in 2001 would have been as popular as The Corrections. But given what feels like both an oversaturation…

Station Eleven

Station Eleven

Station Eleven is another novel in the long pantheon of post-apocalyptic novels. Granted this one is written in a much brighter and multi-colored way…