Hi-Life Bar & GrillFor whatever reason, this place reminds me of an old, black leather chair. I’m really sure why, but it just seems to fit. Of course, this chair would be sitting in a dark, dingy, smoke-filled office of an old-time private eye. Sorry for the obtuse vagaries, but if you’ve ever been here, you may have some idea of what I’m talking about. Of course you can’t smoke in New York City bars anymore, but the years of nicotine seem to have soaked in and made the joint smoky by default. Maybe it’s just the weird darkness, dirty fish tank and retro, Asian deco styling. Then there’s the menu. An odd mixture of American, Japanese and Thai food shares space with pasta dishes and brunch food. Generally when restaurants mix and match several different types of cuisines, they do none of them well. In this case, the grub is serviceable, but hardly impressive. I would definitely avoid the sushi and stick to the stuff that mostly likely won’t put you in the hospital if it isn’t prepared correctly. Oh, and we give this restaurant/bar a fun factor of zero. Seriously, saying this joint is dull would be a compliment. It’s the kind of restaurant that encourages the old eat and run. [MF]

477 Amsterdam Ave.