…And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead: Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart

Worlds ApartHey, fuck you man! So starts the third track on Worlds Apart. I know this album got slammed by critics and fans, but there are always going to be naysayers when a band tries to actually write some more melodic tunes. Oh no, they’re listenable! Sure, it’s not the intense and fucked listen that their other stuff is, but it’s operatic and big and ambitious. And, I for one like a little drama in my music. There’s a stretch of four or five tracks in there that are some of the best songs going. Sooooory for trying to do something a little different! Really, though, this is a good rock album, so f’ all y’all out there that are down on this thing. I like it, dammit. After all, every band needs to have its Mr. Roboto.