The Strokes: First Impressions of Earth

First Impression of Earth

First Impression of EarthShut up haters! On their junior album (is that correct considering a second album is a called a sophomore album?) the rich-kid hipsters from Manhattan make a more “mature” album full of catchy-ass tunes that would inevitably garner blowback from those who are now too cool to like the cool kids. They do sound a little more world-weary on this album, but what do you expect; these guys have had to downgrade to Veuve Clicquot non-vintage since sales have waned. After all they were like 28 when they put out this album. Plus, they’re mostly pulling double-duty as they all seemed to be gearing up to put out their solo records. Ok, it may not be as good as their first two recrods, but I still think the critics were just jealous of their easy style and collarless leather jackets.