Cake: Fashion Nugget

Fashion NuggetCake is kind of the nerd’s alt band. The Jeremy Piven-looking lead singer sports a stupid fisherman’s hat and plays some instrument that sounds like a rattlesnake while his buddies were probably playing their trumpets in the high school marching band. Nerds or not, these guys make catchy, white-guy frat funk that is certain to please any party crowd out there. The standout track “The Distance” features mariachi-style trumpets and a hook-laden bass line, and is one of those songs that just makes you smile. The cover of “I Will Survive” is one of the only disco songs I can listen to without puking, and even interjects the “f” word in the line “I’m gonna change those fuckin’ locks…” While this is by no means a complex or mature album, it serves its purpose to entertain and give the Ween fans something else to listen to for a week or two.