Love My Life... Hate My Friends

Gogogo Airheart: Love My Life… Hate My Friends

Love My Life... Hate My FriendsThis is some crazy stuff. No joke, it’s weird and wacky and tons of fun. The fact that the band’s singer sounds a bit like a drunk Muppet is merely one of their peculiarities. The album sounds as if a band of demented anarchists broke into Clinic’s basement, grabbed their instruments, clicked play on the tape recorder and fired up a rockin’ rehearsal. They play like they’re angry at their instruments. Lead singer, Michael Vermilion, sounds like he is about to piss in your plants or spit blood on your furniture. The bass lines are some of the coolest around. It’s art punk. It’s dance punk. It’s hard to categorize, and not necessarily for everyone, but how are you ever going to discover new things if you don’t give it a try?