You're a Woman, I'm a Machine

Death From Above 1979: You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine

You're a Woman, I'm a MachineI’m not really sure how to categorize this music. I’m sure there are others out there that know exactly what this is, but the combination of electronic synth noise, crunching, almost heavy metal bass lines and almost dancey beats and some passionate and at times screamed vocals lead me to the whole dance punk thing. Though they do have less cowbell than The Rapture, I take it they’re kind of in the same ballpark, though they are more on the aggressive side like Test Icicles. I mean I’m not even sure what kind of dancing you’d actually do to this music aside from smashing into things and whipping your head around in some sort of frenzy. It certainly ain’t the running man with the double hand wave that I fancied during my college years. There are some pretty cool things going on in several of the songs, though consecutive multiple listens to its high energy might make one bleed from the eyes. The trouble I have with this kind of music is finding an appropriate time and place to listen to it. I suppose in one’s bedroom while getting ready for a Four Loco party might be a good call, but those days are behind me and I’m not sure the younger kids want to be exposed to this kind of raw emotion—it would be too taxing on their fragile gen Y/Z nerves.