Iron Chic: The Constant One

The Constant One

The Constant OneFirst off, awesome band name! I mean normally punny names are a no-no (insert names here), this one somehow works for me. Especially because of the type of fun, pop punk energy they bring to their music. With all the fuzzed out nonsense going on with music these days, it’s nice to hear some good, old-fashioned testosterone-laden, group choruses with major chords, chugging guitars and a little humor. It’s kind of a Wu Lyf (without the crazy caterwauling) approach with an Alkaline Trio attitude. This type of anthemic, fist-pumping music is my guilty pleasure, and to hear some of the lyrics almost directly mirror the same themes as those old blink-182 albums (insecurity, lack of life direction, etc.) brings me back to a simpler time before everything was coated in this layer of esoteric bullshit. I’m not saying this is deep shit (it’s not), but somehow we have a bunch of young people singing in the inimitable Gen X style and rejecting their contemporaries’ attitude that the world fucking owes them something does my heart proud. Who said nothing good ever came out of Long Island? Oh, that was me.