Menomena: Mines

MinesI declare albums ‘album of the year!’ on a regular basis. Actually, I’m often disappointed by much of the music I purchase. This is something different. One co-worker put it best when I loaned him the album to listen to and he turned and said, “I can’t even take in what it is I’m listening to.” All the experimental majesty of TV on the Radio, but more catchy and listenable (and less afro-beatish). As good as the album sounds through speakers, it’s through headphones that the true complexity and beauty of the production comes through. ‘Taos’ alone is worth the price of the album. I mean who else would use the word “cocksure” in the chorus of their song? Horns and rollicking Led Zeppelin drums and voice choruses, chimes, bells, keyboards adorn the entire album, creating a masterpiece that grows with every listen.