The End of the Ring Wars

The Appleseed Cast: The End of the Ring Wars

The End of the Ring WarsIf you like Sunny Day Real Estate and want the cuts that didn’t make any of their albums, then this is the LP for you. In fact, Appleseed Cast sounds a lot like other emo bands like SDR and Mineral and Compound Red, but are missing the variation in their songwriting. Now, this is the swirling, open your mouth and let the sound fall out of it kind of emo, not The Promise Ring type, so the lack of chorus, verse, chorus is kind of par for the course, but the lack of melody tends to grind on you over the course of a whole album. Everyone appreciates good drumming, but to what end? The wall of sound thing is okay for a while, but without something special in the mix, Ring Wars just becomes another CD gathering dust on the shelf.