The Aquarium

The Aquarium: The Aquarium

The AquariumI listened to snippets of this album before downloading it, and thought it sounded pretty cool with its crazy Moogs and cymbal-heavy drumming. I always find duos fascinating, as it’s amazing to me that one can build out a full sound with only two people. They do manage to pull it off without sounding in the least bit like The White Stripes, Quasi or Mates of State. Okay, maybe a tad like the last two. But their sound is all together different really. It’s actually a sound I can’t put my finger on. They do sound a little but like The Apes, but much less dark and spooky. Their sound is kind of retro in a rockin’ kind of way. What I didn’t know is that a lot of the album is instrumental, which is generally okay, but isn’t really my thing. If I’m paying for an album, I want somebody somewhere to go through the effort to write some damn lyrics!