From Under the Cork Tree

Fall Out Boy: From Under the Cork Tree

From Under the Cork TreeI’m kinda buzzed while I’m writing this and somehow it sounds both shitty and good. The production and whatnot sounds like ass, overproduced and sticky like Japanese rice. But at the same time it hits my pop sensibilities bone in a way that makes my overheated and overboozed brain in a way that is distantly appealing–but only distantly. And then I realize it’s only a weird American Idol version of “Sugar, We’re Going Down” that’s peaking my interest and in fact I can’t stand this fucking album. It’s crap. It’s baby food for tweens and mindless young emo boys. I feel bad because I once worked on their site, and I’m sure they’re nice fellas, but I’m having trouble figuring out who this Sprite commercial, Nickelodeon shite is for.