Ice Cube: Lethal Injection

Lethal Injection

Lethal InjectionSo this album starts off with a skit where Cube apparently shoots an innocent white guy at a doctor’s office who comes in to get a shot (well, he got what he asked for, right?). Hmm, this feels just a little over-the-top and silly. The production on this one does sound pretty good, and there are bright spots (I like “Ghetto Bird”), but a lot of the songs sound like rehashes and Dre rip-offs (“You Know How We Do it”). I mean really how hard did he try on the anti-white-woman rant “Cave Bitch”? That’s just dumb. Are white chicks really a threat in some way to Cube’s way of life? Me thinks he doth protest too much. Smoothed out just ain’t his style, and he tries it a few too many times here. Where’s society’s angry commentator? I guess there just isn’t enough to get pissed about. Thank God for Farrakhan and his idiocy. After all, who would interject dumb shit in this album? Jargon and dogma just doesn’t do anything for authenticity.