Murs & 9th Wonder: Murray’s Revenge

Murray's RevengeIt’s good to see L.A. representin’, yo! And I can’t believe there is a modern hip-hop record that isn’t made by Will Smith that doesn’t have anything about white-ts, spinners, gats or jail. I’m not saying those things don’t surface at any point, but he’s not a trend kind of guy. Murs is like the perfect old school fan’s transition to 2007. There ain’t no Birdman shit here. No bleeping and blooping. It’s just good story-telling, funny and coherent in a way that so few rap albums are these days. And the production is simple, but sprinkled with nice touches. It’s the perfect hazed out album to that reminds me of the old days of drinking beers in somebody’s pool house and imbibing whatever we could fit in that dented Coke can with the sweet forkholes.