Swearin’: Swearin’

Who’s happier than me that the latest trend in indie music is the 90s college radio throwback sound? It sure beats the hell out of the 60s psychedelia, 70s excess, 80s cold bleep and bloops and even the grunge revival. I mean those all have their place, but bands like Swearin’, with their obvious Superchunk idolization is pretty great. There’s an exuberance and looseness that prevails among this music that you just help but love. The foot stomping pop-driven beats and amazing melodies never wane, as they come up with new infectious tunes on every song. With the female lead singer and guitar-laden support, one will inevitably hear comparisons to bands like the Breeders, Belly and any number of Juliana Hatfield albums, but there’s a consistency here that didn’t exist with these other bands. The only other album I’ve heard of late that compares style and pop-consistency wise is Sleeper Agent’s Celabrasion. This thing could definitely be on heavy rotation in the coming year, and a nice, warm throwback blanket for years to come.