Sweetwater Restaurant


SweetwaterAnd here is Mr. Hipster in the ultimate hipster neighborhood eating dinner while the babysitter-meter churns and churns back at the homestead. So un-hip. But despite being in Williamsburg, the land of summer scarves, summer beards and dodgeball short-shorts, this joint is quaint, warm and friendly. Loosely bistro-ish, with tile and pressed tin, we were ushered in to our cozy table on a snowy night surrounded by what looked like other twenty and thirty-something couples out for a nice Saturday night dinner. Our friends live close by, come to the restaurant semi-regularly and have tried pretty much everything on the menu. Following some recommendations, my meal went like this: mussels in tarragon cream, hanger steak, banana pie with peppermint ice cream and a cappuccino. Everything was warm, tasty and really good. I had read that the service here could be spotty, but that night our server was prompt, friendly and very helpful. She even recommended the peppermint ice cream to accompany the banana pie with our dessert, and while I’m not usually a sweets guy, that thing was off da hook (that’s what they say in Williamsburg, right?) Seriously, I might go back just to get that pie. But as it stood, we had a wonderful evening of good bistro food in a very comfy atmosphere. Sweetwater is one of those places that you just wish would open up around the corner from your place. [MF]

105 North 6th St., Brooklyn