Strange News from the Angels

The 3Ds: Strange News from the Angels

Strange News from the AngelsHey, look who came back with some actual songs in the queue! After practically disappearing just when they were building a little buzz, the 3Ds (or however it’s supposed to be written) came back with this swansong album. Of course, I’m a guy who likes some melody in my music, so I like this album a whole lot more than their earlier work. Others will say that they drop everything that makes them them in order to make listenable music on this last album. Apparently making noise and singing poorly makes you unique, but writing some structure and tone into your music is an indie no-no. Well, fuck (un)convention. This may not be the end-all of indie albums, and it can sound somewhat genre-generic at times, but it is a perfectly listenable piece of work.