The Specials

The Specials: The Specials

The SpecialsIt’s hard to not feel cool listening to this album. The opening track, “Message to You Rudi,” is in my top ten jukebox plays, and has been for years. Unfortunately in loud bars all you ever hear is the baseline, but I know what’s going on, and it makes me drink like a man. I know next to nothing about ska and the whole mod and rudeboy thing, but this certainly feels more authentic than The English Beat, Madness or General Public (my only other three references), although I do so love those as well. I wish the recording quality of this stuff was a bit better (despite the actual production by Elvis Costello being really clean and cool), but again the tinny sound adds just a little to the authenticity. If I could get away with wearing the outfits, I would in a second, but barring that, I’ll crank this one up and have myself a ska-ish day.