Schnipper'sIt’s interesting to me that they would open a burger joint in the New York Times building. That definitely seems like more of a Fox thing, to be honest. Schnippper’s has the nice wide-open steel and glass feel of the Times building, and thematically isn’t far off from like a Johnny Rockets or Tom Wahl’s. Their specialty is clearly burgers and fries, but I’m the ass who goes in and orders a chicken sandwich. And it’s on that nutty wheat bread with seeds and shit in it that seems more fit for birds than humans. It also had brie on it, and not very much room temperature chicken. Overall the thing was underwhelming and rather slapdash, but the potential was there. The whole place has a fresh vibe (although the vibrating, hockey puck pagers that let you know your food is ready is a little bit too Chili’s for my taste) and I like what they’re trying to do with their simple menu and burger fetish, but they need to work on their secondary fare. I guess I’ll try the meat next time and try to follow the crowd. [MF]

620 8th Ave.