Pret a Manger Turtle Bay

Pret a Manger (Turtle Bay)

Pret a Manger Turtle BayAh, Pret. You’re like the white working man’s Subway. Or something… Since they changed my favorite tuna sandwich and then made some tweaks to my grilled chicken sandwich, I’ve been looking for a replacement. Not seriously, though, as I only go to Pret at this point out of desperation. It hasn’t been completely stricken from my list like the aforementioned sandwich shop, but I often find myself walking in, scanning the shelves and walking back out, mad at myself for not finding a more creative choice. Shit, you could fart and stink up five better options. So on this trip I tried the salmon and cream cheese baguette. Horrible-sounding, right? But not at all unprecedented. I used to order bagel lox and cream cheese for lunch from some of the delis in the Times Square joints back in the day, but this thing had the more typical puny amount of stuff surrounded by lots of crunchy French bread. Because, like the aforementioned sandwich chain, the best thing about their sandwiches is often the carbs surrounding it, the fish was relegated to second class status. There were apparently capers somewhere in there too, but I didn’t taste them. Not that this made me sad, as I’ve always been a bit freaked out by those little pickled buds. [MF]

880 3rd Ave.