Check out the albums that have left Mr. H with permanent hearing loss in his left ear, but a song in his heart.


Why?: Alopecia

Is this the rap/rock hybrid that things like the Judgment Night soundtrack folks imagined back in the early 90s? Probably not. They didn’t do…


White Whale: WWI

For some reason the opening moments of this album remind me of INXS. I can’t say exactly why, as the rest of the album…


Weezer: Pinkerton

These guys got totally hosed on this album. Actually, it’s a better all around record than their debut. It’s more textured and emotional and…


Weezer: Maladroit

They have really poured on the pop for this one. “Dope Nose” is a great, great pop song in all its power chord glory….


The Wedding Present: Valentina

Look, I know these guys are old, but I still find them incredibly compelling. There’s something immediate about their music, entertaining and clear headed….


The Walkmen: Lisbon

Lead singer, Hamilton Leithauser, sounds like Dylan if Dylan thought he could sing. It’s not to say he can’t, but close your eyes and…


Tyler, the Creator: Goblin

This album would literally make Hipster Father-in-Law’s head explode. And, yes, I know when people say “literally” they usually use it incorrectly as hyperbole…