Cage the Elephant: Cage the Elephant

Cage the ElephantHey look, I’m a cracked out G. Love. Or at least that’s how this wad-blowing first track, “In One Ear,” starts of this album. Then on the second track I’ve become some kind of weak version of those garage-rockin’ Swedes, The Hives (remember them?) And then on the third track I’m Everlast/Whitey Ford (you definitely don’t remember him.) While it totally sucks for any album peaking on track 1, even suckier is ending up sounding like an imitation of bands that nobody really felt all that great about to begin with. By the fourth track, ‘Tiny Little Robots,’ things get a bit embarrassing. Jesus, track six, ‘Back Against the Wall,’ sounds like a Chili Peppers reject. Somewhere some douche in Oakleys and a No Fear tattoo thinks this is the pinnacle of rock and roll. Me? I can’t go on.