Emo is characterized by expressive, often confessional, lyrics, complex guitar work, unorthodox song structures, arty noise, and extreme dynamic shifts


The Hotelier: Goodness

Let’s talk about spoken-word shit. Actually, let’s not talk about spoken-word shit. Even if The Hotelier somehow thinks this most high school of emotive communication…


Weezer: Pinkerton

These guys got totally hosed on this album. Actually, it’s a better all around record than their debut. It’s more textured and emotional and the…


Karate: Karate

You dudes ready for some jazz-fusion? Do you love the bass? The debut from these Massholes has it all (including a reference to Walden Pond)….


The Get Up Kids: Eudora

Ah, the odds-and-ends collection. What can we say other than they probably shouldn’t have covered Suffragette City? There are actually several covers here–most of which…

False Cathedrals

Elliott: False Cathedrals

Wow, what a difference one album makes. Piano and heavy bass dominate the opening tandem track “Voices/Calm Americans,” and we’re aware immediately that these are guys…