When Your Heartstrings Break

Beulah: When Your Heartstrings Break

When Your Heartstrings BreakThey were Pavement. Now they’re Beulah. Starting with track one, “Score from Augusta,” you know you’re in for a piece of pop perfection. This is a band that has spent time between albums honing their sound, creating a wonderful amalgamation of sixties sun and 90’s indie rock. I really can’t imagine anyone out there not loving this album. It might be the perfect pop masterpiece. Okay, I’m stretching there, but this record is filled with swinging beats, horns and strings galore, great hooks, clever lyrics, great singing and terrific production. What else can a guy ask for? Some of the wonderful fuzz from Handsome Western States is evident at points, but only as chorus flourishes between the clean verses. The mixture makes the transition that much more satisfying and unique. Apparently this album was/is out of print for a long time, as the band changed labels and things fell apart. This album is a seminal piece of Elephant 6 and pop history, so don’t let it get away.