Guided by Voices: Vampire on Titus

Vampire On Titus

Vampire On TitusThey really dial up the lo-fi on this one. Some of the songs sound as if they were recorded in Robert Pollard’s shower, and are mere snippets of songs. Reminiscent of earlier Sebadoh or its side-project sister Sentridoh, a lot of these songs feel like rough edits of ideas of songs and not really songs themselves. I tend to like Propeller a little more than this one, just because the fidelity on this is so low I have trouble hearing any melody in anything. I know it’s intentional, but sometimes too much fuzz and hiss is just too much. There are certainly some cool songs on this album, and even more kernels of pieces of tunes that could have been something if Pollard didn’t get bored half way through and move on to the next ten songs he was writing.