The Detachment Kit: They Raging. Quiet Army

They Raging Quiet Army

They Raging Quiet ArmyChicago is windy. Chicago is cold. Chicago bands play music that sounds as if they are playing icy strings with cold hands. It sounds as if those strings are always on the verge of breaking as they are stretched to the limit. The Detachment Kit is no exception, as its brand of post-punk is less mathematical than most of its Chicago brethren, but certainly no less angular and apocalyptic. While they do have some in common with these midwestern bands, there is a noticeable nod to their labelmates Les Savy Fav (more like a huge headbutt) and some serious Black Francis vocal stylings. Make no mistake, this is a debut album and there are still some kinks to work out, but I see great things for these guys in the future (on an indie band level, of course).