Why?: Alopecia


AlopeciaIs this the rap/rock hybrid that things like the Judgment Night soundtrack folks imagined back in the early 90s? Probably not. They didn’t do hipster snark back then. They did sincerity with Biohazard mixin’ it up with Onyx and Dinosaur Jr. rockin’ out with Del tha Funkee Homosapien (which is awesome, by the way). But this is something else completely. This is taking hip-hop and/or freeform poetry and making it something softer and more palatable for us white folks, a later day Soul Coughing if you will. The thing that is most striking about the album is how smart it is, how funny it is, yet how like and how unlike Eminem it is. If you listen to this album expecting anything in the traditional mode of hip-hop you’ll be seriously disappointed, but if you miss the days of horrible Emilio Estevez/Cuba Gooding movies and want to see how the indie mash up has morphed in the 15 years since, dial up this thing and enjoy.