You Can't Fight What You Can't See

Girls Against Boys: You Can’t Fight What You Can’t See

You Can't Fight What You Can't SeeGirls Against Boys? Sounds a little mid-eighties Euro to me. Apparently they once had that techno edge, but now they’re nothing but rockin’. Granted, every once in a while I hear a little Love & Rockets sneak into the mix, but otherwise I hear all Bob Mould/Pixies/Shudder to Think. Of course, my ear is about as discerning as a hydrocephalic kid with a head cold. In any case, this album is all rock swagger. It incorporates all the bravado and cockiness that should exist in rock–without dumbing it down for the teenage TRL audience. I don’t think the meatheads on spring break in Daytona are going to bobbing their heads to this one, but anybody with a sense of rhythm and rockiness will certainly appreciate the effort.