Georgio's Country Grill


Affectionately referred to as “the diner” by local worker bees, Georgio’s takes the Greek diner concept one step further, and creates something completely original and new–the Greek country grill. What is the difference you ask? Homey touches like a hand-written daily special menu, Tuscan-feeling surroundings and another hand-written note in the bathroom warning patrons that they must throw their toilet paper directly in the garbage can and not into that very dangerous other receptacle, the toilet. Georgio either has a very serious plumbing problem or a very sick side business. That weirdness aside, the food at this joint is consistently enjoyable, plentiful and varied. The menu boasts everything from omelets and pasta dishes to health shakes and the occasional French dip sandwich. The specials are different every day, so no two meals at Georgio’s need be the same. One regular does warn that come check-time, the waitstaff are “non-math-doin’ motherfuckers,” so tally your meal carefully and tell your waitress that her tip is to learn how to fuckin’ add. [MF]

801 9th Ave (at 53rd St)