XR Bar


What’s going on here? Good question. We’re not sure the proprietors of XR Bar know either. What’s with the fortuneteller? What’s with the weird music? Did some 45 year-old marketing guru come in and tell these people they needed a hook to sell booze to people in one of the trendiest spots on earth? People would drink turpentine out of plastic buckets in a roach infested shack if it meant being anywhere near SoHo for God’s sake. Despite the gimmicks and awful tunes, XR is a reasonably comfortable place to grab a drink before heading to some place with a pulse. If you are one of those looking for a one-night stand, you’d be best to check I.D.’s before auditioning any Miss Tonight contestants (we are dangerously close to NYU and some very mature high-schools.) If the bartender and waitress service we saw is any indication, you may want to bring your own flask or portable double-beer batting helmet if you hope to get served in anything resembling a timely manner (even with only a couple patrons dotting the tables). [MF]

128 W Houston St.