Reliable Food Corp.

If cleanliness is your thing, I would keep on walking by. If crankin’ out sandwiches by the dozen in an amazingly efficient manner from behind a counter filled with handwritten signs (complete with cross outs and misspellings) and stacked with crap is something you can live with, then maybe this is your kind of place. In fact the signs are so confusing, disjointed and wacky, you might as well just name your poison and there’s most likely a chance they have it back there somewhere. I got something called like the chicken califragilistic special, which was basically a bbq chicken sandwich on a roll with a couple accoutrements. And, to my amazement, the thing was pretty damn tasty. Granted, I had to like squeeze by the big salad bar that takes up most of the space and some dude with what had to be a rotten foot to pay for the thing, but it was ultimately well worth it. In fact I went back there next week to get the sandwich again. So don’t be put off by the looks of the place and go and order the Bigfoot Burger and pray that it’s what you’re looking for. [MF]

59 E 54th St.