Channel 4


An unfortunate affiliation considering NBC’s ratings nosedive. It seems like this bar has really taken it hard, putting out dismal numbers during weekday nights considering its great midtown location. This place should be packed to the rafters with after work yahoos looking to drink mid-priced pints and cavort with other media types. But instead we get the lonely echo of a joint with the personality of a piece of balsawood. The drinks aren’t cheap and the food is almost as featureless as the surroundings. You do get to stare at caricatures of Jay Leno and Conan’s giant gourd-like noggins. It’s a truly sad attempt at creating a cohesive theme. And who, may I ask, is clamoring for themes anyway? Leave that crap to Mars 2012 and The Jolly Kraut. [MF]

58 W 48th St.