Brazil Grill (Greenwich Village)

Brazil Grill[CLOSED]

We had the pleasure of going to Brazil Grill the day before Brazil was to play their final game in the World Cup. Surprisingly, our little group constituted the only patrons in the joint. We quickly befriended Alejandro, our 24-year-old bartender. He was very excited about Brazil’s chances in the game, and decided to ply us with free cachaça shots every time we sang the Brazil fight song. After several caipirinha and even more shots of the Brazilian sugar cane rum (although it tastes like tequila), we would have rooted for the stinkin’ Mets if he would have asked us to. The decor reminded me of this Iranian kid’s house I knew in high school–a little too white and a little too sterile. We also didn’t eat anything (much to our detriment), but the menu looked appetizing, and anything tastes good when you’re smashed. Those Brazilians do love to party, so even in an empty bar it’s a celebration. [MF]