Gramercy TavernIt’s about time we at The Survey got some fuckin’ class. Seriously, you can’t get any further from the taco joints and burger chains that litter this thing than this place. Of course, this is like the third or fourth time we’ve tried to get reservations at this place, so it had to be good. Let me tell you, my little friends, the beef cheeks did not disappoint. Yeah, I ate beef cheeks, which were worth the trip alone. Luckily for me, they were covered by tender steak and creamy bone marrow that was like eating gobs of the creamiest cream you ever did, well, cream. Then I had a delicious chocolaty desert that had the tastiest little shake. And then we topped that off with the seven-cheese plate. Man, who knew cheese could be so damn good. Isn’t it basically curdled milk? Well, I’m no gourmet, but this joint was pretty f’n awesome. Of course, the bill has forced me to sell a kidney and take out a second on my glass eye, but being pampered by wonderful help and drinking good wine doesn’t come cheap. [MF]

42 E 20th St.