Bowery BallroomNothing says indie rock like the Bowery. (Nothing says stale piss quite like it either.) The Bowery Ballroom is indie and punk and experimental and all that stuff all wrapped up into one. You won’t see no N*SYNC here–no way. What you will get is a decent bar space with some low lighting, sensitive dudes in polyester and horn-rims and tap beer that mostly tastes like it’s been sitting there since 1982. We’re not quite sure what kind of ball was ever held here. Maybe the junkie’s ball. Or the pimps ‘n hoes ball. Maybe the methadone clinic ball. Who knows. Anyway, the performance space itself is unremarkable, but certainly small enough to enjoy a show without some stringy teenager putting his midget girlfriend on his shoulders so she can see the cute guitarist from Blink 182. It’s intimate without being a sweatbox. So, if you like your beer skunky, your music loud and your clothes flammable, come on down to the Bowery Ballroom, where the men are mice and the mice are deaf. [MF]

6 Delancey St. (@ Bowery)
(212) 260-4700