Wendy’s (Midtown West)

Wendy's Midtown West
Wendy's Midtown West

A double-decker Wendy’s! Just what this town needs is two levels of artery-clogging junk food. Although we have to give Wendy’s a nod over some of the fast food competition. They attempt the salad thing with mixed results (at least it doesn’t come in a cup that you have to shake.) They make potatoes and chili, and… hell it’s all the same. Ordering lunch at this particular location is somewhat akin to placing a bet at the OTB, or trying to get a cup of soup at the Soup Nazi. There’s some sort of protocol–a confused mish-mash of give and take, really–that is more stressful than getting a simple Chinese chicken salad should be. Next on my list is the chili. I’ve stood there under the florescent lights staring up at the big board hedging my bets. What is less likely to make me crap myself in my 4:00 meeting? The chili always loses out. Someday I will summon the courage, but for right now I’ll stick with the watery chicken that tastes pretty good when you add the toasted almonds, the fried Chinese noodles and the super-fat sesame dressing. [MF]

938 8th Ave.